Taking Charge  - My personal journey to optimal health
   This month my fit letter is a little different than usual. Over the past few months I have made some significant changes in my lifestyle that have tremendously guided me closer to my goal of optimal health. Rather than just focusing on fitness I am going to share with you a little about my personal journey towards optimal health, along with some of the resources and changes that I’ve implemented into my life to strive past my health issues.
    For years I have struggled with my own personal health issues. Since I was seventeen I started having sudden attacks of severe abdominal pain that were so debilitating I was often rushed to emergency were I had a standing order for IV pain medications. Over the years I’ve seen many doctors and pain specialist on the island and mainland. I went many years misdiagnosed and on a ridiculous amount of prescription drugs. Last Spring I had my second baby and that is when my pain and illness was at its worse. There were many trips to the hospital, an abundant of pain medication and countless tears.  To make a long story short, I finally decided I needed to start taking some responsibility for my own health and seek some alternative therapies. I truly believe anything we are given is meant to be a learning lesson while molding us into stronger human beings. My goal is to utilize my health issues and struggles to help others. The following is a list of steps that I took to optimize my health and well being.
1. I went for Hypnotherapy
    At first I was very skeptical about hypnotherapy all I knew about it was what I had seen in movies, and the whole idea was not appealing, After just a few session with Germana Rovinelli I began to feel a sense of hope and strength.  My pain also started to ease as my mind and body slowly began to heal.  Through hypnotherapy I was able to discover some subconscious issues from the past, and this is when I began to truly realize the power of the mind. After almost nine months of hypnotherapy I have been given the true gift of self-discovery and the wealth of my untapped and unknown personal power. 
Germana Rovinelli
Over 25 years Certified Experience