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Germana Rovinelli, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Over 25 years Certified Experience 

Oceanside Art of Hypnosis and Energy Healing 
Education Center
Detlef -Joe- Friede, MCH        
(250) 248 9297
Parksville, BC, Canada


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United Kingdom

David Large has been involved in the personal growth and development field for many years. Among his many skills is his ability to provide a balance of various concepts and theories through scientific knowledge. David has lectured throughout B.C. and is well know for his hypnosis tapes and CD's.
Anita Lawrence specializes in working with people on their healing journey by helping them move beyond their self-limiting boundaries.This is done by bridging the two realities of our physical and spiritual selves.... by using the mind/body/spirit connection.
Dr. Sharon Forrest, a hands-on-healer since early childhood, Sharon has the gift of enthusiastically blending spirituality, science and healing with love and laughter in presenting the powerful connection between the mental,physical, emotional and spiritual. An inspiring and dynamic presenter, Sharon speaks frequently on radio and TV shows, at professional conferences, and Wellness Programs.
Practicing hypnosis and spiritual counselling for over 40 years, I am a member of a number of professional organisations, including the Canadian Hypnotherapy Association, with the designation of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Specialist for practitioner Insurance:
Holman Insurance Broker’s Ltd.
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