Executive Members

This portion of the website is under construction....

Dear visitor, we are underway to update our Executive
page. Here a preview on our 2013/ 2014 elected Board:

• President :  Detlef Joe Friede
• Vice President: Anita Lawrence, Marjan Moaref
• Secretary/Treasurer:  Denise Beland
• Membership Director:   Marjan Moaref
• Newsletter Coordinator:  Denise Beland
• Ethics Director:   Di Cherry, Sherry Harris
• Education Director:   Detlef Joe Friede, Heather Good
• Public Relations Director:   Detlef Joe Friede, Pedro Georlette, Cindy Mesic, Sherry Harris
• Directors at Large:  Birgit Carviel, Keith Paskin, Eva Grodt, Norah Brown