Code of Ethics

The Canadian Hypnotherapy Association is dedicated to the clinical and scientific utilization of hypnosis at the highest professional level and embodies the following principles:

  1. Members will meet the requirements of their professional organization and accept its ethical and scientific standards.

  2. Members shall limit their clinical and scientific use of hypnosis to the areas of their competence as defined by the professional standards of their field.

  3. Members shall at all times conduct themselves in a manner reflecting their humanistic, altruistic, holistic and eclectic concern with mankind.

  4. Members shall only make use of clinical and scientific hypnosis if it contributes to the welfare of the client and to the advancement of the professional knowledge of the science.


Our latest thoughts in January 2013

Living in times of "Spiritual Olympics",
nearly every week we learn about a new copy written Trademark within the healing fields. There is no question, that we are living in exciting days, where ancient healing modalities get re-discovered. We had a wave of such experiences last in the 1920, 30's and 40's, when human beings tapped into Universal knowledge and delivered all kinds of information.
Great MINDS like Einstein, Heisenberg, Tesla, Hill, Carnegie... just to name a few, were able to bring such knowledge to global attention.
An email received in January 2013 raised our eye brows, and that is what we want to share in this blog. It is related to our last blog about the Mind decoding capabilities and external programming or conditioning situations.
Here we want to quote that received email:

"Have you ever thought about starting your own hypnotherapy school and teaching what you love?
The universe may just be calling you, right now!
Are You Ready to Be Part of the Big Shift?
If you have a desire to teach hypnotherapy, take a moment to review the information I’ve enclosed, and call me directly at RESERVE your seat
I’m reaching out to you to introduce you to the easiest, most comprehensive system that will allow you to quickly start your own hypnotherapy school, even if you have had no previous teaching experience. I’ve spent the last 14 years and over $2 million in research and development, now with the accreditation of the highest hypnotherapy training standards from XXXX.XXXX International, to be able to offer you the most comprehensive best-in-class system to start your own school that will not only allow you to immediately teach what you love, will also help you on your own journey to grow your existing hypnotherapy practice...."
.......skip text....
......skip more text....
..."Some of our CPH licensed schools graduates are making up to $28,000 a month right now."
END of quote.......

..... and here is the tragedy in today's world; Competition, were competition simply shouldn't happen. For instance the information about 14 Years of study is great... but $ 2 Million in research....... really?? Even $2 Million invested within 14 Years over intense research on trips through Bahamas and Tahiti.... that simply sounds MLM..... where is on that level all that Universal and Quantum Field  energy possible - and/ or  happening??
There is a trend in our fields of hypnosis, to use such techniques and knowledge for creating the "Big" business. When it's all and only about money and MLM business structure...... if the entire field of hypnosis in the public's eye isn't messed up enough already...... here is possible the next level we have to recognize...... sad, but that's just our 2 cents on a nice day in beautiful British Columbia, Canada

Di Cherry, Past President
Detlef Friede, 2013 President of